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Our Services

Eon employs a very “hands-on” approach, offering practical advice and solutions to complex challenges in:

· R&D planning, resourcing, management and execution  

· Technology assessment and technology financing advice

· IP strategy and management

· Technology and product portfolio management and related facilitated transition of technology to early stage commercialization and value capture

. Strategic partnership and supplier development, partnering strategies and key customer development

· Business planning and technology financing, value chain analysis

Dr. Stone is the lead consultant with broadbased contacts to pull in other experts as required to service client needs. Consultations can stretch from several days in length to identify options for more immediate or strategic issues, or  weeks/months dependent on the scope and complexity of the client's requirements.

EON has worked with SMEs in various global geographic locations.  The key to a productive relationship is an identified issue that requires fresh insights and contributions to enhance and accelerate the required solutions.

Allow Eon Consultants to become part of your team, working together to provide focused, value-added solutions to key issues that are limiting the commercialization of your technology and growth of your business.

Strategic supplier development and relationship management, partnering and key customer relations

Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now. He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.