Eon Consultants - Testimonials
He is a world renowned expert in proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology. He began his career with Ballard Power Systems in 1990 as a research scientist after completing his PhD at the University of British Columbia and two post-docs...


Mr. Michael Walkinshaw

Managing Director and CFO, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now.  He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.   Also, his assignments as a consultant on our due diligence processes and as an independent board member for our investments have shown his ability to work with and provide guidance to the technical and non-technical staff alike.

Mr. Doug Wiggins

President & CEO, Switch Materials Inc.

As an independent director, Charles has made tremendous contributions to the advancement of SWITCH Materials.  Always eager to engage on matters relating to materials research, product development or business development, his broad expertise in clean technologies coupled with extensive experience in forming strategic partnerships has provided valuable insight to the senior management team at SWITCH.

Kevin Breen

BSc, MSc, MBA, MIET CEng.  Managing Director – Piller UK Limited

Charles worked as a consultant with me for almost a year whilst I was Interim CEO of a clean technology business.  He has a quick scientific mind combined with a broad yet deep understanding of a range of clean energy technologies, which helped us focus our strategy.  He is a genuinely helpful consultant but can supplement that with strong management experience, which assisted us with the control of the technical team and also with communications with financial investors.  This general management background enables him to contribute beyond technology, into product development and business analysis.

Bruce Sandy

Founder and Principal of Pathfinder Coaching & Consulting

I have known Charles Stone for many years and have had the pleasure of working with him. Charles is a highly experienced, visionary, and adaptive leader and team builder. He is a very intelligent and high energy individual with a strong work ethic. Charles has highly developed communication, project management and relationship building skills. I highly recommend Charles for any project or leadership position. Organizations will truly benefit from his experience, wisdom, team building, and leadership skills.

Doug Wheeler


Charles and I have had the opportunity to work together in our capacity as Independent Reviewers for the U.S. Department of Energy in the evaluation of the progress and validity of the Department of Energy transportation fuel cell cost analyses and the status of the Department of Energy stationary fuel cell systems. In these activities, Charles has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the technology, the development of fuel cell products and the analysis of the emerging fuel cell business. Charles brought in a deliberate, process-focused approach to the analysis that builds on his internationally recognized expertise in clean technology, fuel cell systems, and business development. I found Charles to be an exceptional co-consultant with a very open acceptance of contributions from others, but readily made his own contributions. Charles has the unique strength of clearly understanding the fuel cell business opportunities and how clean energy technology and product development activities can accelerate emerging technology to the market place.

Maja Veljkovic

Director General, National Research Council - Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation

I have known Charles for over 10 years, working with him as a customer when he was VP R&D at Ballard and as a consultant to NRC-IFCI through EON Consultants.  His technical and business related knowledge of clean technology, especially fuel cells, is world class. Charles helped NRC-IFCI build a strategy to transition from fuel cells to a broader clean technology portfolio. Charles really understands how to progress technology development to meet end user needs, while leveraging strategic partnerships to create value for all stakeholders.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Hidekatsu Hirayama

Asahi Kasei, Marketing Manager, New Business Planning and Control

It was a great opportunity for me to work with Dr. Stone thanks to his overall well-experienced expertise in Fuel Cell technologies, as well as his unique and highly suggestive consulting services. We worked together for several projects, scenario analysis and market survey, and all of those were very much fruitful for our strategy planning and decision making. He understands not only the global market but some domestic one such as my country.

Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now. He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.