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About Us

After 25 years of working in clean technolgy, including 16 years at Ballard Power Systems, Eon´s founder, Dr. Charles Stone, has amassed comprehensive knowledge in, and practical implementation experience in all aspects of technology development, IP strategy, technology capability accessment, technology financing, supply based development and engagement, strategic partner development and management - all focused to access and accelerate commercialization of clean energy technologies.

As Vice President of R&D and member of Ballard´s executive management team from 2002 to 2007, Dr. Stone has developed the skills and contacts to add substantial value to the technology, product and business development objectives of clean energy companies and the maximization of value capture to all stakeholders.

Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now. He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.