Eon Consultant - Key Achievements

Key Achievements

  • Responsible for directing the team that has developed world-leading technology in PEM fuel cells. Worked with my Executive Team colleagues to secure technology demonstration and product sales for:
  • >130 cars and buses in Europe, Australia, China and California
  • >1,000 one kW backup power Nexa® V1 unit
  • >500 one kW cogeneration products sold in Japan
  • >300 four – four to twenty kW products sold into the materials handling market (forklift trucks)
  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive R&D plan for fuel cell development for multiple markets (automotive, cogeneration, materials handling, backup). The plan included establishing collaborative relationships with key component suppliers, requiring their commitment to spend their own money in creating the business opportunity.
  • Secured corporate funding commitment of USD 750,000 per year (2005-2010) for directed and collaborative research with academia to ensure a sustainable technology pipeline.
  • Set up joint research programs with DaimlerChrysler and Ford to secure funding and limit their independent research activities, thereby avoiding wasted duplication.
  • Developed strong and trustful relationships with key players in the components supply base and negotiated and oversaw collaborative relationships with:
    • DuPont
    • W. L. Gore & Associates
    • 3M
    • BASF (through the former Engelhard)
    • PolyFuel
    • Victrex Plc
    • Asahi Glass and Asahi Kasei
    • Solvay
    • DSM (13th largest chemical company in the world)
    • Johnson Matthey
    • TKK
    • Umicore/SolviCore
    • Cabot (Superior Micropowders)
    • AET (bipolar plate materials manufacturer)
    • Dana Corporation (Reinz subsidiary – metal plates)
  • Secured over USD 15 million in government funding for fuel cell research in the last 5 years.
  • Advisory Board member and Chairperson of Technology Sub-committee for Canada´s National Research Council on fuel cell technology (Mar 2005 – Mar 2007).
  • Established the first Canadian cross industry/academia fuel cell project (including Hydrogenics and NRC-IFCI, Canadian Universities) to research the performance and durability implications of reactant gas contaminants.
  • Developed and secured broad patent coverage for a family of novel partially-fluorinated ionomers for fuel cell membranes.
  • Developed and was lead external voice for the industry´s first Technology "RoadMap" focused on path to commercialization for automotive fuel cell stack technology.
  • Represented Ballard at several international press/PR events on Fuel Cell Vehicles organized by DaimlerChrysler and presented by DaimlerChrysler¤s VP of R&D.
  • Participated in numerous international panels on the future commercialization path for PEM fuel cells.
  • Established an informal joint technology/marketing strategy team at Ballard to identify customer barriers, and mitigation strategies, to the adoption of fuel cell technology for Ballard´s key market segments.
Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now. He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.