Eon Consultant - Company Information

Company Information

The company is lead by Dr. Stone who is based in Western Canada but operates globally. Dr Stone has developed his skills and capabilities with over 25 years years of experience in the clean energy industry. Eon has strong links with other established consultants globally and can quickly amass the required resources to meet client needs.

President and CEO of Eon Consultants, Dr. Charles Stone, former Vice-President of R&D for Ballard Power Systems, Inc, is a highly experienced technical expert with strong business acumen. Dr. Stone has established many high-level contacts in well-established Fortune 500 companies and is able to draw on significant external and influenctial resources in executing the objectives of Eon´s clients.

Dr. Stone has been an active board member of many technology start-ups working in the clean technology arena.

Charles has proven his expertise and cross-over value to Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital in both business and technical analysis for many years now. He brings salient analysis to both clean-tech technical materials and financial matters alike.